About Us

About Us

Tri-State Magna Wave is passionate about helping our clients feel their best with non-invasive Magna Wave PEMF sessions. We have assisted numerous animals and humans achieve a level of comfort and success they never thought possible due to acute pain, fatigue, and chronic conditions. Magna Wave has become a lifestyle change that can naturally enhance your mind, body, and soul. The success stories are what continues to drive us to share the incredible benefits of PEMF.

Your canine or equine athlete cannot perform to their full potential if they are not feeling their best. Many of our four-legged companions are stoic and do not show signs of discomfort.  With the help of Magna Wave the magnetic pulse will reveal tenderness and areas of discomfort by palpitating the muscle. This helps our practitioners create a treatment program that best fit your goals. Whether you are using Magna Wave to treat a chronic problem, using it as a general wellness regimen, or to optimize performance during competition; we have a plan that will work to fit your specific needs.


    Pre & Post Event Treatment

    Keep your equine partner in top shape for competition and attain overall wellness with PEMF. Be able to go that extra mile and keep an edge on competition.

  • Canine Athletes

    Immediate Results

    Improve your dogs quality of life and overall performance with quick, easy, and non invasive sessions.


    Relieves Pain and Stiffness

    Don’t let every day aches and pains slow you down on the road to greatness. PEMF will give you that extra boost you need to cross the finish line a step ahead of the competition.

Jason Huffman has been involved in the horse industry for nearly four decades.

Alex Walton has been riding and showing Morgan horses for over 20 years.


Magna Wave PEMF is the wave of the future for drug free health and wellness